Thursday, September 29, 2011

Introducing The Toronto Pet Daily Newsletter And New "Search" Feature!

Hi all, I'm pleased to announce two great new features to the TPD. First up is the Toronto Pet Daily newsletter. These won't come every day, in case you're worried (!), but roughly twice a month I'll be sending out notices to subscribers informing you of the latest deals, contests, and important news and events. In addition, I'll be listing a few animals that are needing homes, particularly those that seem to be having a hard time finding loving families lately. Remember, if you are a pet professional and have a deal that you would like to be featured in the newsletter, email me at to inquire. Remember, signing up for the newsletter is a great way to stay up to date when you forget to check in on the blog, so don't forget!

In addition, I have added a "Search This Blog" button.  Seeing as since I'm well into my second year, there are nearly 1000 entries, and this will be a great help when trying to find a past post of interest (myself included!). Want to find out what toys were recommended for the holidays last year, or what the top grossing animal movies are? Simply do a search and the results will pop up at the top of the blog!

Both features are located at the bottom right of the blog.

That's it for today, look forward to the first newsletter, and as always, happy pawrusing!

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