Sunday, September 18, 2011

Am I The Only One Who Didn't Realize That We Could Own Lions And Tigers In Parts Of Ontario? Look Out Dog Park!

OTTAWA — A breeder is offering three-month-old lion and tiger cubs for sale as house pets on an Ottawa website. And owning them is perfectly legal in most of Ontario, though not in Ottawa. Four cubs are for sale at $2,800 each, says the breeder, who identifies herself by e-mail as Jenifer Ashu. She doesn’t say in her ad where her business is located.
The cubs are advertised on, a website that advertises items for sale in the Ottawa-Gatineau region.

It says: “We are breeders and we have exotic cats, white lion cubs and tiger cubs available in our cattery. We have been giving them home trained method with kids and other domestic animal. Contact us for more information if interested to own one of them in your home as house pets.”

The ad doesn’t list the business’s name or phone number. Buyers respond only by email through the website. When the Citizen answered the ad, the breeder sent this response: “We breed exotic cats and also have lion and tiger cubs all ready to go. The cubs are 15 weeks old and are 4 in number. They go for $2,800 each. “Let me know if you are still interested in the cubs and the number you will like to get. Feel free to ask any questions that you may have.

“Regards Jen.”

Jen hasn’t responded to a request for an interview.

Tigers can reach 3.3 metres and 300 kilograms. Lions are almost as big, up to 250 kilograms. Owning lions and tigers is banned under an Ottawa bylaw. But many municipalities don’t regulate this. Read more at