Friday, August 12, 2011

My Dog's Hair Is All Over The House, & I'm Getting Sick Of This Shed!

Avoid Upheaval Because Of Shedding Dogs

Hair shedding in dogs is a natural process of hair loss. In this way, a new coat or fur comes about instead of the older dull and damaged coat. Seasonal shedding is the result of due to the climatic changes preparing them to face these climatic changes. More or less all breeds of dogs shed except American hairless Terrier. Some breeds shed more than others. German Sheppard and Pug dogs are downright excessive shedding dogs. Poodles barely shed whilst groomed properly. Pregnant females also shed, just seek vet advice in this case. Puppies shed to grow adult coats. No one can prevent shedding dogs to shed hair but there are different ways that you can employ to minimize shedding and avoid upheaval. Usually sudden but normal shedding occurs depending on the type of coats (single-coat or double-coat) and characteristic of the breed of dog. Apart from seasonal shedding, dog shed because of stress, fungal and bacterial infections, endocrine disorders and also due to tick and bugs.

In order to reduce shedding, take good care of your dog. Provide him with a good quality healthy organic food; this will not only improves his health but also reduces the amount of hair lose and will help in the re-growth of hair rapidly. Avoid foods that contain preservatives, wheat and corn. Strictly avoid feeding him chocolate; it is fatal for him even its small quantity can cause severe problems to your dog. When switching between different brands of dog foods or from low to high nutritional food, be slow and steady otherwise your dog can undergo gastro-intestinal dysfunction. Some food brands also offer to improve the condition of coats with the help of key ingredients. Grooming is also the key ingredient that can minimize hair loss. It has been observed that regular brushing once a day with a slicker brush, giving him regular bathe with anti-shedding dog shampoo, drying his hair with hair dryer on low heat against the growth of hair to remove excess hair and using shedding blade to remove extra loose hair can minimize shedding. You must take your dog to vet in case of excessive shedding.

Aromatherapy for dogs is a good way to relax and calm your dog and has a soothing effect on his nervous system. Aromatherapy is basically consisted of pure, fresh and untainted diluted essential oils that contain organic chemicals such as esters and alcohol with a touch of lavender, chamomile, rose, vanilla or other scents. These essential oils are applied by massaging and diffusion or inhalation.

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