Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Calgary Opens Morgue For Pets Killed On City Streets, Offering Closure To Owners - I Think It's A Fantastic Idea

Opportunity to Identify Remains Offers Closure for Pet Owners

In a joint program between The City of Calgary Animal & Bylaw Services and Calgary Roads, the remains of cats or dogs killed on Calgary's streets will be taken to the Animal Services Centre for identification.    The goal of this program is to provide closure to pet owners by identifying the remains of cats and dogs killed on Calgary streets and notifying the pets' owners.

In the past, Calgary Roads has delivered the tags and collars of deceased cats and dogs to the Animal Services Centre for owner notification. Now, Roads will deliver the remains of any cat or dog killed on our streets to the Animal Services Centre. The Animal Services' Health Technologists will search for a licence tag, readable microchip or legible tattoo and notify the owner.

Calgarians who have lost a cat or dog are encouraged to check for their pet at the Animal Services Centre located at 2201 Portland Street S.E. during business hours. Information and photos of impounded cats and impounded dogs are available online and are updated every 15 minutes during regular business hours. The location, date, time and reference number of all animal remains picked up by Roads will also be listed under the impounded cats and impounded dogs.

All cat or dog remains will be held for 10 days at the Animal Services Centre. If positive identification is made, the owner will be contacted and given a choice to have Animal Services cremate the remains without the retention of ashes at no cost or to make arrangements for private cremation and keep the ashes at their cost.  All unclaimed pet remains will be cremated by a private contractor after 10 days.   Link:

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