Sunday, July 10, 2011

Woman Allegedly Attacked By Police Dog In Mississauga Park

A Peel Regional Police dog, apparently on the hunt for robbery suspects, allegedly attacked a woman sitting in a Mississauga park with her boyfriend last week.

Michelle Rosales claims she was attacked on the night of June 28 when the German shepherd emerged from the bushes at Mississauga Valley Park and clasped its jaws on her left arm, resulting in some serious wounds. Four armed officers followed, she said.

Rosales suffered lacerations on her arm -- one of them seven centimeters long.

“The dog wouldn’t let me go. The men started pointing guns at me and my boyfriend,” she said.

“My arm is really bad … I’m really worried about the scarring.”

Neither Rosales nor her boyfriend, Christopher Balram, heard warnings from police before the dog attacked. Peel police told the Toronto Star that officers demanded the two make themselves known.

“(The officers) said there was a robbery in the area and they were following the path of the robbers and apparently we were in the middle of their path,” Balram said.

CityNews requested a response from Peel police but officers can’t comment because the province’s Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is looking into the matter. It's not known if the agency will launch an official investigation.

Meanwhile, Rosales' lawyer has filed a formal complaint against Peel police and she plans to sue the force.

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