Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The "Summer Fun" Photo Contest Is Here!!

It's officially arrived, and we can't wait to see all the great summer photos that you've got.  If don't have any, well it's a great excuse to head to the park, lake, or even all the way to the backyard to take some great shots isn't it? The basic concept? Anything summer! You could have your cat playing in a sprinkler, or your dog catching some creative! Here are the rules and fun prizes for the contest :


1) The contest is open from today until Friday August 12, 2011 at 12:00 pm.
2) One photo per person limit, and images may be professional, but not copyrighted.
3) Please send photos to
4) Winners will be announced on Monday August 15, 2011, and will be based on judging by myself, Kathryn Howell of Dog Paddling Adventures, and Pooya Gharahgozli of Easy As Paws Pet Photography.
5) Prizes are transferable to a friend or family member.


FIRST PRIZE : Your choice choice of either a 1 day paws and paddle, or 1 day hike (descriptions below) from Dog Paddling Adventures, as well as $100.00 from The Toronto Pet Daily.

Looking for a wonderful way to spend the day? How about spending a day on a terrific hike throughout southern Ontario's finest provincial parks.  Your day will include a guided tour of the park, snack and juice breaks and a delicious buffet lunch, not to mention the camaraderie of becoming one large pack for the day with a group of fellow dog lovers! All Dog Paddling Hikes are perfectly suitable for most hiking skill levels.
Looking for a wonderful way to spend the day? How about spending a day on a terrific hike throughout southern Ontario's finest provincial parks…

1 Day Paws And Paddle
Enjoy a special day with your dog on a beautiful lake with a small group of fellow dog lovers. Our day is geared towards having a ton of fun and learning how to paddle, while escaping the busy city for a day. Before the day's end you will have learned how to paddle a canoe with your pet in tow, enjoyed a beautiful shoreline picnic and explored the nooks and crannies that make a lake-side habitat so special.

SECOND PRIZE : A Paw Party for the winner and 4 of his/her friends at Waggz & Whiskerz (value is $225.00 and includes a video, photos, and loot bag).

THIRD PRIZE : A Spaw Day (value $200.00) at Waggz & Whiskerz which includes a full day of grooming and a massage therapy session.

READERS' CHOICE PRIZE :  $50.00 goes to the entrant with the most "likes" on this blog. Simply hit the Facebook "like" button below the post that showcases your favourite photo. To tell your friends, forward them the link to the photo contest entries and get them to "like" your picture!

One last thing, let's show our support and thanks for our judges and prize givers by becoming fans of their Facebook pages :

The Toronto Pet Daily (as if you aren't already a fan!)
Easy As Paws Pet Photography
Waggz & Whiskerz
Dog Paddling Adventures

Good luck to all, and cheers to what's finally starting out to be one hot summer!!

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