Thursday, July 7, 2011

Police Dog Left In Swealtering Heat While Officer Goes Fishing

I usually don't post many stories from outside of the GTA, but this one had me boiling! Here is an excerpt, with the full article linked below :

The RCMP on Vancouver Island are facing criticism for leaving a police dog in a hot SUV in a marina parking lot for several hours while the off-duty officer was out fishing. Hessel Oerlemans said the dog was locked in the police SUV in front of the Goldstream Boathouse in Langford on Wednesday as temperatures soared on one of the hottest days of the year.

The off-duty officer left the windows of the SUV partially open, but Oerlemans said that was not enough to keep the vehicle cool. "You could feel the heat coming out of the window. It was like a furnace," he said. Boathouse owner Lita Seymonsbergen says the dog was hot and in obvious distress. "You couldn't get near him because he was totally panicking," said Seymonsbergen. Eventually marina staff erected a portable canopy over the vehicle and sprayed it with water to try to cool it down, before calling 911. Read more at