Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Number Of Dog Attacks On Postal Workers Is Rising

In the dog days of summer, Canada Post workers across the country are reporting a higher-than-usual spike in attacks by canines, with 41 incidents recorded in the first three weeks of July.The problem, according to some Ontario letter carriers, is that owners tend to unleash their pets and let them roam their yards as the weather heats up outdoors.

To ensure the safety of its employees, the country's primary postal carrier is reminding dog owners to restrain their pets — regardless of the animals' size — and keep them a fair distance from mail slots, mail boxes, and areas where delivery people may be approaching from the street. Even smaller dogs are capable of inflicting serious injuries to people they feel may be trespassing on their owners' property, said Anick Losier, a spokesperson for Canada Post. "We never know what a dog can do, whether it's small or big, it doesn't matter, really, because it can be quite unnerving for our people," Losier said. Read more at