Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Heat Isn't Letting Up Anytime Soon, So Take Extra Care Of Your Pets!

TORONTO - The sizzle of summer appears to be sticking around.

A heat alert issued by the City of Toronto Saturday doesn’t appear to be in any danger of being lifted anytime soon.

The mercury will soar Monday to 30C but with the humidex it will feel like 39 C — a little less than the mid-30s people in the GTA and across southern Ontario sweated through Sunday. But if your lawn is getting dry and brown and your garden a little thirsty, Environment Canada predicts there is a 60% chance of thunderstorms on Monday.

Tuesday will be sunny and 29C which will feel like 35C.

And Wednesday it will be 30C but with the humidex it will feel like 42C and there’s a 40% risk of showers.
The rest of the week will be sunny with highs between 32C and 34C but humidex values into the low and mid-40C, if the weatherman is correct. “A few hours in the sun and heat without the proper precautions can quickly ruin a good time,” said John Saunders, Red Cross provincial director of disaster management. “It is really important to be prepared.”

If people don’t have air conditioning they can go to shopping malls, libraries or community centres to cool down. And wear light and loose clothing will help.

During heat alerts Toronto Public Health recommends people drink plenty of water, avoid intense physical activities and keep in the shade when outside.

And, of course, never leave children or pets in a car with the windows up.

If the heat alert becomes an extreme heat alert the city will extend the hours of pools.

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Anonymous said...

We need cooling stations to be open longer hours and to allow pets! PLEASE!

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