Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Can We Afford To Lose Toronto Animal Services?

While we're still waiting for an official decision, it seems as though the KPMG firm is recommending some major changes with regard to Toronto Animal Services. Among the proposed recommendations is doing away with pet licensing, which in my estimation is perfectly reasonable, considering that the program runs at a loss. The bigger issue that has people up in arms however, is the notion of scrapping the program completely, and perhaps outsourcing animal care services. To save myself some time on this lazy day of summer, I'll direct you to this facebook group devoted to saving TAS (the facts are clearly outlined on the "Info" section of the page).

Clearly, simply doing away with Toronto Animal Services is not the answer, though as with most bureaucracies, some things will need to change (I'm sure no one would agree that a current response time of at least two hours for an emergency is anything to boast about). Do any of you have any suggestions? I for one would be in favour of a fee (be it $100.00 or so) to reclaim a found pet, and perhaps even a greater penalty if the animal is not tagged or chipped. With such a fee, funds could be directed toward one of the four TAS shelters, and hopefully could serve as a deterrent to those who lose their pets (GET A MICROCHIP!!, or at least have a tag with a name and number).  In addition, I feel it would be greatly beneficial to have a lost pet fixed, at an owner's expense, befor the animal can be reclaimed.  Do you agree with me? Perhaps you can pinpoint some areas for improvement.