Friday, June 24, 2011

More Entries In The "Tribute To Rescue And Adoptees" Photo Contest

Attached you will find one of the first pictures we took of our sweet Ginny the day she arrived home here to us from Glade Spring, Virginia, USA.
I saw her on Facebook and I fell in love. Ginny had only one day left to live at the kennel she was in.
I typed in few words such as " I would love to save and adopt this little baby but not sure how it would all work because we live in Ontario, Canada".
Well, I had several people reply saying that they would be more then happy to help us to save, adopt and get Ginny home to us here.
Within that week our sweet Ginny came home to us! Thanks to several special human Angels!
Our Ginny has returned her unconditional love to us a million times over for giving her a second chance in her precious little life.
We now believe wishes & prayers really do come true!

We rescued Nellie from the Humane Society where she was brought in at the age of 6 weeks, after her mom had given birth outside under someone's porch. The owner tried to care for the family of dogs but it become too much. We didn't find Nellie until she was almost 12 weeks old! We had just lost our 14 yr old dog, Tucker 6 months before and had contemplated getting another pup. After visiting her we knew that we had to take her home, with her crooked tail and all! She has a mini tail that kinda makes an 'L' at the end, it's pretty cute! After signing the papers we had to wait til the next day to get her, so that night we set up her crate and toys and bowls. The kids were so excited (and the parents too)!! Now after a year and a half, we really don't know what we would do without her! She makes us laugh and keeps us on our toes everyday! I don't think we'll ever be without another dog. This picture is her first night at our house!