Thursday, June 23, 2011

More Entries In The "Tribute To Rescue And Adoptees" Photo Contest

Tuli, the orange and white cat, was rescued by a volunteer with Toronto Cat Rescue.  Tuli was part of a colony outside of an apartment building.  Tuli's grandmother was shy but not feral, and the residents were feeding her, thinking she had been dumped.  She had a litter before Tuli, which only one survived (Tuli's mom).  then tuli's grandma and mom had a litter, 8 kittens between them, one of whom was Tuli (previously known as Gargamel).  At this point, the residents phoned a TCR volunteer, who trapped all 10 cats (grandma, mom, Tuli and siblings) then they were vetted, and adopted out :)  It took tuli a few months before he got out of his shell as he had caught giardia from living on the streets, and it took 3 rounds of medicine to clear that up.

Paige, (the grey tabby) was rescued from Hamilton Animal control shelter by Forever Home Cat Rescue.  We don't know much about her, but she must have been someone's pet, as she was very friendly and social.  She was found on the street by animal control and brought to the shelter, where a volunteer rescued her.