Saturday, June 4, 2011

Memorials - Britney Wolch

Britney December 27,1999 - May 29, 2011. A most wonderful, loyal dog and a true friend who always brought a gift to anybody who came to her home. She will be sorely missed and always remembered with love and smiles.

The Wolch Family


  1. What a beautiful picture of Britney!
    I wish I could have known her.
    "Always remembered with love and smiles"
    Yes! Always and forever -
    Peace, Britney and hope that you meet my Chesley. (Say Hi for me) xxoo Gilda

  2. My dearest Britney,

    You were a joy to know. You and I had a great time together. Listening to clasical music and of course always in the evening uder the stars and candlelight. You were easy, lovable eventhough you never got up untill at least ten am. No way could I get you out of that cage(your bed) until you said "Im ready to go".

    Have a great time up in heaven with Chloe. Run around till the wee hours and look upon us until we are there with you.

    Till we meet again all of my love,

    Loulou (LOuise)

  3. What a sincere smile she has. I never knew her but from her smile I can see she was loved and was always a positive girl. I see many smiles a day wish I could have captured hers.

    Rest in Peace Britney
    Johns Pet Photography

  4. thank you all for the lovely comments:)