Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Have You Stopped Donating To The OSPCA? How Many Potential Donations Has The Organization Lost?

Let me start by saying that I really do hope that the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals will one day soon serve as an example for animal welfare organizations across Canada and beyond. In fact, this sentiment was echoed by OSPCA Chair Rob Godfrey at a recent press conference, during which he announced the findings of an external review into the OSPCA's killing of countless animals last May (I say "countless" because it appears that the OSPCA itself is unable to determine a number, one which has changed countless times over the past year, and I say "killing" because as the report showed, there never was any so-called virulent ringworm outbreak at the shelter in Newmarket)).

Unfortunately, what Mr. Godfrey failed to do in the press conference was take responsibility on behalf of the board and upper management for the OSPCA woes. Instead, he placed the blame for the killing of the animals on the veterinarian at the time (who he refused to name, which has many questioning whether there even was a veterinarian present at the time of the killing, as required by law).

I can tell you that until the current COO (Jim Sykes),  chair (Rob Godfrey), CEO (Kate Macdonald), and Director Of Animal Care (Tanya Firmage) of the OSPCA are either removed, or step down because these events took place on their watch (the honorable thing to do), I will not be donating to the organization again.

So the questions I pose to you all are simple : Have you stopped donating to the OSPCA as a result of current actions by the board and management? Will you again start donating once there is a change in board and management of the OSPCA?

Comment below and tell us your first name and how much you have stopped donating, or would be willing to donate once change occurs. Above all, please be honest, in that it will demonstrate to the organization a fair account of just how many missed donations are out there. I'll start us off and pledge $100 to the OSPCA as soon as the above four mentioned positions are filled by new people. Keep your eyes on this post, as it will be updated frequently.

Current potential donations to the OSPCA : $1806.00