Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Craig Wright, Owner Of FACW Training, Has Been Charged With Hanging Dogs

An Oshawa dog trainer faces additional charges of animal cruelty for the mistreatment of dogs in his care. Durham police first charged Craig Wright, 42, in May with four counts of cruelty to animals. As a result of the same investigation, Wright now faces 19 more criminal charges, bringing the total to 23. Wright is the owner of FACW K-9 Training and Rehabilitation Centre, at 199 Waterloo St. in Oshawa. In May, several pet owners came forward to police with complaints about the treatment of their dogs. Owners of at least two dogs, including a miniature dachshund and a bulldog-Boston terrier, claimed their pets died after being in Wright’s care. In May, the terrier’s owner told the Toronto Star that Wright claimed her dog had been hit by a car. Two other pet owners allege their dogs were never returned to them after staying in Wright’s facility.Read more on the The Toronto Star's website.