Sunday, May 22, 2011

One More Owner Comes Forward To Tell The Story Of Her Puppy Who Went Missing At The Hands Of FACW Training

I began in home training with Craig and my dog Bentley to control Bentley's aggression and after 2 or 3 sessions, Craig deemed it necessary that Bentley go to his facility for intensive training (as Bentley was still showing signs of aggression) - all in home training costs had been paid up front along with the boarding cost to send Bentley to his facility. Bentley went missing on May 11th, 2010 after going to the FACW K9 Training Facility in Ajax. When Bentley was picked up, I was not even allowed to say goodbye to him as Craig said he needed to know he was in trouble (as Bentley had bit me earlier on the hand that day). Craig picked him up from my house and (from what I am told by Craig), on May 11th, 2010 Bentley was being walked by one of his staff members. Apparently he was being walked without a mussel (after I was told by Craig he was going to be mussel trained while at the facility), Bentley got something in his mouth, the walker tried to get it out, and Bentley apparently bit her and she let go of the leash and he "ran away". This apparently all happened on May 11th around 9PM, and I was not told until the NEXT day that Bentley had gone missing - 12 hours later I was told! When I asked if I could should drive to Ajax to help look (as I live in Toronto), he said no that he would be looking all day. After half the day of crying and worrying at my office, I decided to go anyways. About 4-5 hours of searching with 2 other people, Craig finally met up with us. He did not want to put up posters, or for us to knock on doors asking about the dog in the area he apparently went missing. After a friend of a friend heard about it and put up posters for me a day or two later, she ran into him on the street and he got very upset at her and me for putting the posters up.
After weeks of hopeful search and anguish, I was unable to find Bentley. When hope seemed to be looming and the arguing with Craig was not stopping, I requested at least my money for the training returned (and offered to give him a break on the cost of my dog), and it has now been a year and I have had no hope of finding Bentley, let alone seen a penny from Craig.
All I want is for this to never happen to another person again - I don't want anyone to feel the pain I have felt for over a year, and I sympathize with those people who have gone through similar situations. I am praying there will be some sort of closure for all of us.
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Anonymous said...

I am very sorry to here about your dog. I will pray that he is returned to you.

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