Sunday, May 29, 2011

Two More Entries In The "Tribute To Rescue And Adoptees" Photo Contest


I met Mandy in 1998 at the Toronto Humane Society - I was with an ex-girlfriend at the time and the adopting of a dog was actually her idea.  After being denied one breed because I lived in an apartment, then declining another dog because of it's serious health issue, the worker then took us to the illness recovery room and showed us this odd mix of of a dog, with the name "Mandy" on the sign, who was visibly frightened by her surroundings, and was cowering in the far end of the cage.  Apparently she was so badly abused at her former home that a neighbor actually broke into the house to rescue her.  After several minutes of coaxing, this frightened animal finally came out to meet us, though I couldn't get near her, apparently because she was afraid of men.  We took her home, and after several days of our attention, care and love, Mandy finally trusted me, and all of a sudden I couldn't imagine not having her in my life.  She loved playing with other dogs, and eventually got over her fear of men and was very affectionate towards people.  Everyone who knew her loved her very much.  Sadly, she passed away on September 9, 2009 after suffering from lymphoma and I was devastated by her death.  The 11 years we had together were very special and I will never forget her.


Layla is a chocolate dapple mini dachshund. She came into my life first as a foster dog for Canadian Dachshund Rescue.  At the time, I was fostering her so she could be spayed as an adopter was already approved. Sometimes in life things take a major turn and when the adopter changed their mind several weeks later, my family decided that we would adopt her. That was in 2006.  Over the past 5 years, Layla and my other miniature dachshund Milo have had the opportunity to do so much including dog sports, rescue, visits to seniors homes and entertaining thousands of people.  Along the way we have met hundreds of other people that are also passionate about pets. This all led to the creation of Helping Homeless Pets by myself and several other friends. Layla played a big part in all of this by teaching me so many things about rescued dogs and training. And she’s a really good fund raiser too. The bond that we share is very special to me. Layla loves to lounge around in a sun spot but good luck getting her to go outside when it’s raining, except of course if we are off to the next event. That very scared, cowering cute little dachsie I met, turned out to be a very special dog indeed!