Monday, May 16, 2011

Owner Of FACW K9 Training Facing Multiple Charges

The owner of a Durham region dog training centre is facing charges by both police and the Humane Society over the alleged disappearance of a pet at the facility. Durham Regional Police investigators confirm several customers have come forward saying their dogs were "lost" while under the care of the FACW K9 Training and Rehabilitation Centre.

Owner Craig Wright is facing a charge by police of obstructing justice and three charges by the Durham Region Humane Society with regards to one incident. "The charges are under the SPCA act for permitting distress, causing distress and failing to prescribe to the standards of proper care," said Debby Houghton of the Durham Region Humane Society.

Durham Regional Police officers accompanied a former customer to the south Oshawa location of the training facility looking for her missing animal. A tip led officers to believe the pomeranian was being held in the building, but it was not found. Global News' attempts to contact the accused for comment went unanswered and no one at the training facility would comment.

The missing animal that first brought police to the facility was "Chevy", a dog who's owners rescued as a companion for their other border collie. They paid $900 to have the dog trained, but say in less than 24 hours, he went missing. "It's a nightmare," said Chevy's owner Linda Fry. "Even as he was putting him in his van, I did not have a good feeling." Allegations by detectives suggest the accused changed his story about how and when the dog was lost.

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ADMIN said...

Here is the excerpt from an original Craiglist post :

Hello, I have adopted out a Border Collie to a very nice couple last weekend they took him home on a trial basis to see if it was a proper fit or not. They were told if it was not then the dog was to come back he would/will always have a home here!

The couple brought him home he was not house trained as he was a farm dog before I had him and my kennel system is indoor/outdoor so he remain outside therefor this was an issue that needed fixing, the couple chose to contact a "behavior trainer" to help them with this issue as they wanted to try everything possible to keep him.

The "trainer" took him home for in home training and charge the couple $900.00 in advance,the Husband called the trainer on Tuesday as he wanted to pick-up the dog to be neutered and the trainer gave him the run around all day. Finally the trainer tells the Husband that the dog ran away on Monday he doesn't know where the dog is so get over it. The couple was loosing it they asked where he lost the dog and the trainer again gave the run around from in the City to Consession 7 & Westney then Hwy 7 & Westney....after several calls the trainer tells the couple to chalk it up to a missing dog and have a good day!

I am not sure if the trainer Sold the dog, lost or killed the dog or has the dog but the trainer is very shabby and I have myself caught him in lies when I was asking him questions he completely around in circles with NO REAL ANSWERS!!!

The dog went missing we think in the Oshawa or surrounding area is a Intact Male, Black and White in color he is approx. 40 lbs he answers to the name Chevy...knows commands sit, down, stay ect... will stop in his tracks when commanded to do so and wait for you he is smart as hell and learns very fast! He will go into a crate but does not like having the door closed, he will NOT bite in crate it is not crate aggression more of a dislike of the crate.

PLEASE if you have ANY information call me, text me, e-mail me *ANYTIME of Day or Night* ....this is not an actual picture of him but he looks very similiar however he has a sock on his front paw it is all black down the one leg. I have pictures but they are of him sleeping in the groomers tub when being bathed so he is wet and hard to see what he looks like in them

Update: The trainer has return the $ to the couple that was adopting him but I will be honest this is far from done! I will make sure this guy gets SHUT DOWN and if he moves somewhere else he will get shut down AGAIN. We will be picketing his place on Monday from 5pm-8pm please feel free to come out and join us this guy MUST be stopped before he does it again!!

The training facility is FACWk9 in Oshawa

The Police and the OSPCA are involved with this case as well as several other cases against this guy

Anonymous said...

Well in my opinion,,,I think he killed your dog and dipossed of it. I am the mother of his 2 children and I know that he has a temper that is uncontollable, 10 years ago for my birthday he bought me a Yorkie and when the Yorkie (lexus) was her name wouldn't listen and come to him and only me he got upset and threw her across the room,,,,he must call this in house training,,,nedless to say I was afaid of him just as much as this little defenceless dog was,,,,well there is more to this story later that next month he went through 3 german shepherd puppies, whitch he disposed of, for the simple fact that they did not listen to him or would have a accident on the house.
In my opinion he has no buisness training dogs. It's nice to know that he has returned you $$$$, scince he can't even pay his child support, but I know that $$$ could never replace dogs best friend,,my condolence's.

Anonymous said...

we hired this same company to train our dogs on the second training day there was an disagreement between craig and us about him picking our dog up by the prong collar and throwing him on the ground causing puncture wounds to his neck. His services were terminated and he said he would refund our $1500 dollars and we have never gotten it back after numerous phone callls. On that same day he slammed our snoodle to the ground which caused him to be incontinent of stool and urine hes nine years old and we never even hired him to train him. I really hope this guy goes down.

Chad Warford said...

We need to check references when considering a stranger to work on our house. It is imperative in fact. So why not do the same for your dog trainers. It is truly unfortunate that a person like this was able to get so close to so many loved dogs. Personally I would Rather Be Dog Walking and training my pups then working in an office any day. I hope that the ones involved get exactly what they have cooming to them.

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