Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Independent Review Of The OSPCA And Mass Euthanasia Is Complete, So Why Hasn't The Organization Made It Public, As Promised?

Mystery surrounds an independent report on a ringworm outbreak that led to the controversial euthanization of 102 dogs and cats at the OSPCA’s Newmarket headquarters last May.

The OSPCA has had the report “for some time,” Patrick LeSage, a co-author of the report, told animal advocate Lynn Perrier in a phone conversation on Monday — a conversation Perrier shared with the Sun on Tuesday.   LeSage also expects the OSPCA to make “the entire report” public in a reasonable amount of time, according to Perrier.  Calls to LeSage, who is a former Ontario superior court chief justice, were not returned.

The OSPCA previously said it would “make the review public at the earliest opportunity.”    LeSage and veterinarian Dr. Alan Meek were commissioned by the OSPCA in August 2010 to write an independent report on the ringworm outbreak. Initial plans called for 350 animals to be put down. The OSPCA stopped the killing at 102 following public outcry.

OSPCA spokesman Alison Cross confirmed Tuesday that the agency has received the report. She could not say why the OSPCA has so far kept the report private. “I don’t have that information on me,” said Cross. “We said we’ll make the report open to the public when the organization is ready to move forward.”

Perrier questioned whether the OSPCA might be holding something back that makes the provincial animal agency look bad.  “If it was good news, they would have released (the report) as soon as they got it,” said Perrier.

Progressive Conservative MPP Frank Klees, a vocal critic of the OSPCA’s actions agreed. “There are serious issues with that organization,” insisted Klees. “I have no doubt this report will be very damning to this organization. I can understand, quite frankly, why they don’t want to release it.”

*The above article is from today's Toronto Sun, and you can view MPP Frank Klees' statements before the legislature in the video below : TYU8SN3KCV8B

Update : According to The Toronto Sun, OSPCA Spokesman Alison Cross has stated, “We’re preparing a comprehensive response to the report, so no date has been confirmed.” 

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