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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Former Toronto Humane Society President Tim Trow Reveals His "Animals First Team Platform" For His Upcoming Bid To Get Back On The Board


We believe that there is a need for change at the Toronto Humane Society. The policies enacted and put in place by the current Board and their management have hurt the animals. We are pleased to offer you our platform of how we will improve the Society and care for more animals. This is our commitment to you of what we believe and exactly how we will improve the Society for the animals.

Re‐admit Stray Animals

Current Situation: The current Board has barred the admission and keeping of stray animals to the Toronto Humane Society shelter at 11 River St. Instead they turn all stray animals over to Toronto Animal Services, which historically has a 50% euthanasia rate.
Our Position: Reopen the shelter to strays. Despite claims by the current Board that they are legally prohibited from doing so there is no municipal or provincial law that denies the THS the right to admit lost and abandoned animals in need. A Board led by our team will immediately direct staff to begin the admission of stray animals to the Society.

End Restrictive Admissions Policy

Current Situation: Those looking to surrender animals must pre‐book an appointment (only during the day on Monday - Friday) and spend up to two hours at the shelter while it is decided if the Society will admit the animals. People without appointments or those that are turned away are sent to Toronto Animal Services. The THS process is so restrictive that they can not get people to surrender animals to the shelter and have to travel all over the province (and even to Quebec) to find animals to adopt out.
Our Position: An admissions policy needs to be flexible and responsive to the needs of the animals. While it may be preferable to have someone book an appointment we can not turn animals away. Animals that are brought into the THS need the refuge it will provide to give them the care they need. We will direct staff to admit all animals to the THS with or without a surrender appointment. Furthermore, we will streamline the surrender process so it is quick and simply so it will be an option for people rather than simply abandoning their animal on the street.

Satellite Adoption Centre

Current Situation: The current Board has closed the doors on the satellite adoption centre located on Victoria Park Ave but continues to pay rent for the location. During the satellite adoption centre’s first year of operation there were over 1000 adoptions from that location alone.

Our Position: There is no reason that the satellite adoption centre should remain closed. By opening this location we have the opportunity to find more homes for animals and be a more convenient location for families in North Toronto looking to adopt a pet. The fact that rent continues to be paid on this location without it being used is a waster of donor dollars. We are committed to reopening the satellite adoption centre and helping more animals find homes. We will reopen this facility and use it to help find homes for hundreds of animals every year.

Resumption of Rescue Operations:

Current Situation: The Board has termined all rescue and investigations staff and there do not appear to be any plans to resume this essential service.
Our Position: We believe that the THS needs to be active in the community helping animals in need. Helping find a lost dog / cat, and picking up an injured animal and bringing it back to the shelter for care is an essential part of what the Society does. We would direct management to resume rescue operations immediately.

Kitten Nursery
Current Situation: At this time the THS has a very limited kitten nursery program that is pale in comparison to what is needed and what existed before. Only kittens with a nursing mother are admitted to the shelter, stray kittens are turned away, and kittens under 3 weeks old are not admitted into the shelter. The fate of kitten of turned away is unknown.
Our Position: Run a full scale effective kitten nursery that will admit every abandoned kitten that is brought into our shelter. There is no reason that a fully operational kitten nursery with dedicated staff and volunteers bottle feeding kittens should not exists.

24 Hour Shelter Operation

Current Situation: The THS shelter at 11 River St. is currently not staffed overnight (11pm‐7am). Animals could get injured, suffer from a medical condition and be left without anyone to care for them for up to 8 hours. There are reports of animals that have injured themselves overnight when there was no one to supervise them.
Our Position: The animals in the shelter need staff on site to ensure that they are being cared for and supervised at all times. We would immediately direct staff to resume 24 hours 365 days a year of shelter operation where the Society ensures that all animals in its care are not without someone to provide care
during the night.

Limited Shelter Population
Current Situation: The shelter currently only has about 250 animals at its maximum capacity and at many times considerably less. The Board and management of the shelter say that this is all they can accommodate.
Our Position: We do not believe that the shelter capacity should be so low. There is no reason for the THS to have cut the number of animals that can be housed in the building to about one‐quarter of what it used to be. It is not that there are no animals in need in Toronto but that the policies of this Board are keeping them out of the shelter. With the readmission of strays and the streamlines admissions policy there is a need to lift the current artificial limits the Society has placed upon itself to once again help all animals. We will direct staff to ensure that every animal that needs the resources of the Society receives that help.

The members of the THS have a choice - will they support the status quo that is leaving helpless animals locked out of the THS or do they want a Board that will be dedicated to helping all animals.


  1. Tim Trow is a MONSTER:


  2. Evil, evil man. He could care less about the animals. It's all about power and control for him.

  3. Anyone who saw the way things were before knows that Tim Trow is a manipulative, power-tripping hoarder who is not a friend to any animal.

  4. You've hurt enough animals already, give it up Timmy.

  5. While I don't think he should run THS again, I do agree with some of the changes he proposes and those who call him a monster while quoting the SPCA should look further into the SPCA itself, its no better

  6. this man has got alot of nerve to want to get back into the THS for the THIRD time! it's not hard to find out about Tim Trow's history with the THS. nothing has changed since his first time in back in the 80's. he is seriously has deep-rooted psychological issues and i can tell you first-hand as a former volunteer and employee, the THS was a terrible place to work under his 'reign' and it is true that many, many animals suffered under his watch while be boasted about his low euthanasia stats....

  7. I was associated with THS for a time during Mr. Trow's tenure, and my feeling is that the terrible damage he caused was much less to do with his treatment of animals than about his treatment of people. He simply does not trust anyone--vets, technicians, volunteers, staff--to have the expertise or the compassion to deal with the animals appropriately; he seems to feel that only he knows what is best for them. This is demoralizing and dangerous. Staff morale absolutely plummeted under his baleful glare. It was a toxic (overused word, but apt in this case) environment in which no one could do his or her best for the animals. So, no, Mr. Trow ought not be allowed back in.