Saturday, May 28, 2011

The First Entrant In The "Tribute To Rescues And Adoptees" Contest!

Hi my name is Susan, I Rescued my pure breed poodle in 2003.  I wanted a poodle because my daughter had asthma and poodles are allergy free.  When I fist saw the dog, right away I fell in love with her.  I really was getting the dog for my daughter but that changed the day I brought her home.  She follows me everywhere, I love her to death, at first when my daughter wanted to get her, I first said know, because I had just had a very serious spinal surgery and I could hardly take care of myself. When we rescued her I found out more about the dog.  She was burned with cigerette butts, she was kick around like a football.  She has scars on her back because of the burns, she also has one eye that turns in because of severe truama to the head, now she has hip dysplasia. Now she suffers from seizures they are really bad I almost lost her a few times, she now takes medication eveyday which now is affecting her liver. Two years ago I paid over $1500.00 for dental surgery because she was not looked after at a young age so the teeth had to come out, some were broke off at the gums because of the beatings and some had fallen out due to poor diet.  Also when they spayed her she was pregnant,the vet did not know so they removed her puppy, they told me she would turn out to be a happy dog or a very mean one especially with all she went through. My poor little dog has been through so much, but she has become my baby she follows me every where and sleeps at night right at my side.  I am so glad my daughter talked me into adopting her I honestly do not know what I would do if anything happened to her. When I picked her up she was covered in fleas and ticks she also had severe worms, so the picture I included was the next day.What a beautiful dog, and she turned out so kind and so loving I have had her now 8 years she has never growled at anyone or snapped.