Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another Wonderful "Inspirational Tail" From Guest Blogger Matthew

The Power Of Therapy Dogs: The power of Persistence
By Matthew Johnson of Waggz & Whiskerz

May 15 2011

Mimi & Simon Hoffman who are long standing clients of Waggz & Whiskerz are just like every other pet owner, they love their dog more than anything. When 9-year-old Zoey was diagnosed with cancer, The Hoffman’s were willing and able to do more than most to save her life.

The Hoffman’s took Zoey to several veterinary hospitals in Toronto including clinics that specialized in a K9 Cancer. During this emotional struggle, they never gave up hope and they were able to provide strength and power for their Zoey. Often Therapy dogs help those who need it most but in this case the rolls were reversed and with good reason.

After a costly evaluation at several clinics and pain staking decisions finally the Hoffman’s settled on The Guelph Center For k9 Research and Veterinarian Medicine. At the clinic Zoey underwent a complicated surgical procedure that was necessary to beat the cancer.

“We thought that if we don't do everything that's out there that there is to do, I don't think I could live with myself knowing that there could've been something that could've saved Zoey,” Mimi said.

At first, the doctors said the risks for Zoey were too high for this rare procedure. They said Zoey was too large and old to survive, and Zoey’s other health problems — including Cushing’s — made it too complicated.

But the Hoffman’s insisted. And it's a good thing, because Zoey survived the surgery. All the positive attitudes and support paid off.

Zoey came home to Guelph after several days of observation, and so far, is doing well and is now cancer free. Most of Zoey’s normal activities are put to a haul and she is in the healing phase with staples up along her belly, though her strength will slowly grow back and she will be back to her old self eventually. The most incredible part is now, instead of a life expectancy of weeks or months, Zoey may now have years.

This is a great thing because now the Hoffman’s have yet another harsh blow to their family unit and Zoeys strength and persistence will be their support system. “She offers us hope, unconditional love and is in tune with our emotions”. Says Simon.

My philosophy to the Hoffman’s during this emotional and tough time was "Anything is possible and with animals just because they have other diseases and some vets don’t feel surgery is the option, it's not a reason to not offer hope to them and you know your pet more than anyone and will always make the right choice.”

Everyday people are put in the position to choose whether to operate or to let nature run its course, I am a firm believe in proactive and aggressive treatments given the correct circumstances.

Remember being there for our pets always makes a difference and we all know that when we need our pets most they are always there for us as well.

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