Saturday, May 28, 2011

Another Entry In The "Tribute To Rescues And Adoptees" Photo Contest


After taking in and finding homes for about a dozen foster dogs I decided to take a little break to focus on final exams and moving into a new apartment. It was a good, logical plan that went downhill the moment I received a phone call, just hours before my last exam. A terrified young dog found herself at the local pound with two choices: be taken in by our rescue, or be put down. They dropped Callie off at the house just moments after I got home. I immediately saw why she had no chance at the pound - she was trembling, hiding under the coffee table and wouldn't come out. After a few hours I brought out the big guns: my friends Golden Retriever, Cooper, with an irresistible charm. Cooper got Callie out of her shell almost immediately and, to my surprise, had her running all over the house. After that night she attached herself to my hip and stopped cowering under tables altogether. Only weeks later she was a perfectly normal dog, and someone applied to adopt her. My reply? "Sorry she's taken." We've had her a little over two years and I can't imagine life without her. A lot of rescues have passed through our hearts on their way to their forever homes but I knew Callie was different. I've never had such a strong bond with a dog. And boy has she changed! She now enjoys going to the many summer festivals Toronto, has seen almost every park the city has to offer, and is a avid TTC rider.