Monday, April 18, 2011

Marcia Leeder Has A Special Project Involving BSL Dogs...Check It Out!

From Marcia's blog :

in light of the remarkable tale of Patrick, (the pit bull mix puppy who was abused by neglect and thrown down a garbage chute), Ginger (the GTA pit bull sentenced to death row) and all of the other heartbreaking stories circulating in the media in North America right now, i wanted to give all the beautiful and loving dogs out there a chance to have their stories told.
“dogs are an honest reflection of their humans and their environment. i believe that every dog that is given love gives it right back.” ~ M. Leeder
are you ready to help me shed some light on the dogs you know and love, that are being ignorantly stereotyped and getting a bad rap in society?
Enter my Model Search for a BSL Recognized Dog to be part of a very special project that is in the works.

To read more about this great project, check out Marcia's blog post!