Saturday, April 16, 2011

Local Butcher Accused Of Scamming Customers

As of late, countless businesses have turned to websites such as, offering savings (often up to 80%!) in the hopes of attracting new customers. Over the past weeks however, one business in north Toronto, The Butchers, has been accused of misinforming the public with regard to the legitimacy of their organic products. Today, The Globe And Mail ran this article and interview with owner Marlon Pather. As a response, the website, ran somewhat of an "expose" on the deal, concluding that customers are definitely not getting what they have paid for. I encourage you all to read both articles, in that they speak to us not only about the distances small businesses will go to attract new clients, but are also greatly informative (particularly the latter article) for those seeking information on the organic market. What do you think? Is this simply great business (no publicity is bad publicity), or a move that could be somewhat of a setback for organic suppliers? I've been reading on this topic all morning, and I'm still engrossed!
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