Tuesday, April 5, 2011

K9 Committee Hosts Annual Spring Clean Up In High Park

The K9 Committee will host its annual spring clean-up in High Park on Saturday, May 14.

This event, held every year by dog owners, helps clean up what the melting snow has revealed in the off-leash area, but also helps keep the entire park clean. Volunteers are asked to show up on Dog Hill at 9 a.m. on May 14, where supplies and additional information will be available.

During discussions with the city last year regarding changes to the off-leash area in High Park, the city promised a more direct relationship with dog owners. To help foster this relationship, the K9 Committee is currently looking for an individual or individuals interested in acting as a liaison between dog-owners, city staff and the various groups within the park.

This volunteer position (a replacement for the K9 chair position) would help in the following areas: facilitating input from dog owners with city staff and the City of Toronto; promoting responsible dog ownership within High Park; educating dog owners and the general public about the benefits of the High Park off-leash area; supporting and maintain the High Park off-leash area and building a sense of community among High Park dog owners.

The framework for how these objectives might be carried out would be at the liaison's discretion, although the past chairs would be available to provide support and advice. The ideal liaison would be someone familiar with both dogs and High Park, with good communication, organizational and leadership skills and access to a computer and email.

Volunteering as a liaison is an excellent opportunity to experience the diversity of High Park's cultural, natural and recreational environments. If you, or someone you know, is interested in participating as the K9 liaison and helping to ensure a safe, sustainable off-leash area in High Park, send an email to k9@highpark.org expressing your interest and your experience by April 13. Dog-owners should have a new representative by the end of the month.

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