Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Invisible Fence Brand Donates Oxygen Masks For Pets To Local Fire Department

ORO-MEDONTE TWP. — The township's fire department is better equipped to handle fires involving pets thanks to a local donation. Oro-Medonte Veterinary Services has donated pet oxygen masks to the department. The masks had been supplied to the local business by Invisible Fence Brand through the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association. In return, Oro-Medonte Veterinary Services made a donation to the Farley Foundation, a charitable organization assisting seniors, disabled people and woman at risk of abuse by subsidizing non-elective veterinary care.

Each kit includes three reusable masks for animals of various sizes, including those with short snouts, such as ferrets, rabbits and guinea pigs. Deputy Fire Chief Hugh Murray said pets are susceptible to the same health risks as humans at a fire scene. "While our team never hesitates to assist an animal in distress, this donation means that we now have the proper equipment to save a pet's life during an emergency," he said.