Friday, April 29, 2011

An Interesting Forum From The National Post On Where The Lines Are Drawn When It Comes To Killing Animals

Last weekend, (Easter, mind) New Zealand killed 23,000 wild rabbits on an annual Great Easter Bunny Hunt that is billed as a charity event that gets rid of an unwanted pest at the same time. No world outcry, no boycotts, no Paul McCartney showing up on ice flows. So what’s the difference between slaughtering rabbits and Canada’s seal hunt? Should we declare seal season to be a charitable event with all proceeds to go to the “EU Needs a Brain” fund?

Read what people have to say at The National Post


  1. That is inhumane! It doesn't matter whether it is for charity purposes or not. Charitable funds can be raised through other means and does not have to kill lives!

  2. Absolutely. I found the points in the article very interesting (in that I would have an extremely difficult time differentiating among the animals). I found myself wondering aloud, where I would draw the line...."Is my dog above my cat, or rabbit, or fish, or me?" Personally, I think the line should be drawn when a party demonstrates deliberate mass killing of any group, and agree with you so much that this is highly inhumane! We could all debate about animal hierarchy until the cows come home (and we don't treat them too well either.......another debate), but it seems quite simple that something such as this should never happen.

  3. We have all been brainwashed to believe that animals are here for us to do with as we please. It isn't just the Christian religion that allows us to think that way. Other religions or belief systems continue to propagate the belief that we are "better", higher on some mythical scale, than animals. How positively arrogant.

    This way of thinking makes it perfectly acceptable for humans to exploit the rest of the animal world for whatever pleasure, research, food, entertainment they want with nary a thought to what it really means. Even those religions/belief systems that hold some animals sacred have no problem with either killing those animals as sacrifices or killing other animals as sacrifices/food whatever.

    The whole kit and caboodle of thinking that humans are better has led us to a world of hierarchy of not only species but also humans: some are more acceptable than others. We've taken that route placing others in the animal world on a ladder (or Great Chain of Being) and it has led us on a disastrous path b/c we think we're human and therefore more valuable. We really need to give ourselves a collective shake before the wake-up call isn't a wake-up call but a death knell.