Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bob Barker Has Some Harsh Words For Edmonton

Former gameshow host Bob Barker continues to criticize Edmonton over its decision to keep Lucy the elephant at the Edmonton Valley Zoo.

His remarks come as he tries to convince officials in Ontario to move three elephants at the Toronto Zoo to a sanctuary in California or Tennessee.

Barker has some harsh words for Edmonton city council and Mayor Stephen Mandel.

"I have never been so unfortunate as to have to deal with people like the government of Edmonton," he says. "Now I don't know whether he [Stephen Mandel] is a complete dictator or what, but it would seem to me that someone in the council would have the courage to say 'this is terrible what we're doing to this elephant."

Just weeks ago the city decided it would not ship Lucy south, or bring in an outside veterinarian to examine her.

"Edmonton is disgusting," Barker says. "Edmonton is an embarrassment to Canada. I might add that Los Angeles Zoo is an embarrassment to us too. But Edmonton? They don't care a thing about that elephant, it seems.  They won't even let experts come in and try and cure her. They'd rather let her suffer out there."

Lucy suffers from respiratory issues and arthritis and Barker claims a cat and dog veterinarian is treating the elephant. He says Lucy would be much better off in a warmer climate.