Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another Dog Dies In Coyote Attack

A coyote attack has claimed another small dog in Whitby, only weeks after another dog died in a similar attack in the same area. In a news release issued Tuesday, Durham Regional Police said coyotes entered a yard near Thickson Road and Burns Street area of Whitby, located east of Toronto, and attacked a small dog described as a Maltese-poodle cross.

The dog was loose in an unfenced yard and was attacked by coyotes and killed. The dog's owner witnessed the attack and was able to retrieve the dog's carcass from a neighbouring property. The dog's owner was not hurt.

A similar attack occurred only one kilometre away on March 30, when a small dog, a shih-poo named Lilly, was snatched from a front lawn by coyotes while her owners were in the yard. The dog was found dead nearby. The attacks have Durham Police reminding people in the area to be mindful of the safety of their small pets by keeping them leashed, supervised and in close proximity whenever they are not inside a fenced area. Police also say people should also leave sources of food including garbage, compost and recycling indoors until the morning of collection. Or they should be removed altogether so they won't attract roaming wildlife.