Monday, March 7, 2011

Win A Free Photo Shoot From Scruffy Dog Photography

win your own scruffy dog photo shoot!

Has Rover been grumbling for his own photo session? Fifi jealous of the camera's attention on other "less-worthy" pooches? Well, here's your chance to make your 4-legger's dreams come true -- a session of their very own. and for you, some one-of-a-kind artwork to grace your walls.
scruffy dog is holding our very first contest for a complimentary photo session. Although we shoot a number of free sessions every year for charity and silent auctions, as well as for the KW Humane Society calendar, we thought it would be fun to have our own on-line contest.
The contest is open until March 20th, and anyone can enter ... as long as you are willing to drive to the Waterloo region for your shoot, and as long as you are not already a member of the scruffy dog family.
Entries are already rolling in from all over the province and beyond, so head on over to the blog and get your entry in before time runs out!
... because we all know that Rover forgives as quickly as he forgets, but Fifi ... she'll never let it go if you don't enter!