Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Whoopi Goldberg Defends Her Right To Buy A Pet From A Pet Store

On last Friday's episode of The View, host Whoopi Goldberg demonstrated a complete lack of knowledge when it comes to the inhumane treatment of animals available for purchase in pet stores.  While acknowledging those who prefer to adopt, Goldberg pointed out that when you buy a purebred dog, you know what you are getting into, while the same can not be said when adopting from a pound.  The host also defended her "right" to purchase a pet from a store.  Later, after her words sparked a wee uproar, Goldberg posted the following to her Facebook profile :
"Pet Store Issue-we discussed one state that wanted to close all pet stores. I have friends who own pet stores; they love their animals and insure their health and well being. Mills should be shut down. All agree but don't paint everyone with the same brush. That was my point."
Perhaps Ms. Goldberg does not know that up to 90% of puppies available for purchase in pet stores come from puppy mills? I assume that she is well aware of the atrocities of puppy mills (based on her Facebook statement), and the affect that such living conditions have on the physical and emotional well being of dogs. The simple fact is that as long as pet stores are permitted to sell puppies, puppy mills will continue to profit.  Unfortunately Ms. Goldberg, that is a fact you failed to mention.  To the pet store owners who do purchase their puppies from mills? I have no problem painting you with that brush.
I understand that The View provides a forum for the hosts to speak on controversial topics and express their opinions, yet I wish Ms. Goldberg would take into account the fact that her statements reach millions of viewers, and do little service to those who are fighting every day to rescue puppies from such abhorrent conditions.