Friday, March 4, 2011

"WALL-E" - The Dog That Came Back From The Dead Is Taking The Media By Storm!

It's a miracle! A three-month-old puppy abandoned in Oklahoma that was put in a trash bin after being declared dead by a vet is alive . . . and looking for a new home. The puppy was left outside a dog shelter in Sulphur, Okla., with the rest of his litter. They were sick when they were found, so a vet at the shelter decided to euthanize them. The procedures were performed, and then the puppies were put in a trash bin outside the shelter. But when animal control officer Scott Prall took a peek inside the container the next morning, one puppy was very much alive. "He was just as healthy as could be," Prall told Oklahoma News 9.  The surviving puppy was named "WALL-E," after the garbage-collecting robot in the Disney-Pixar animated movie of the same name. In the movie, the lovable WALL-E was the last of his kind. After the shock discovery, vet Amanda Kloski took the puppy in temporarily. When a woman in Pennsylvania heard WALL-E's incredible story, she wrote about him on Facebook, prompting people from all over the U.S. to call the veterinary clinic and offer him a home. The clinic was set to look at offers from all the prospective owners Wednesday and make a decision about his new home. "He needs a really special home because he's really special," Kloski said.


Anonymous said...

Good for him! Sad for his litter mates though. If the puppies were all 'euthanized' because they were sick, how is it that Wall-E is a healthy little guy?

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