Friday, March 4, 2011

Two Dogs Electrocuted Downtown

A Toronto police officer has been injured after touching the metal collar on one of the shocked dogs on Friday afternoon.  One dog has been killed and a second is in critical condition after the incident near Queen and Parliament Streets at about 4 p.m. The female officer received a shock to the hand and arm and was rushed to hospital. She has since been released. Toronto police say the dead dog was electrocuted. Toronto Hydro crews were at the scene and working to find out what caused the problem. After an investigation, Toronto Hydro says a defective TTC pole caused the sidewalk to become energized. The area has been de-energized and reopened. TTC spokesperson Brad Ross says there were a series of wires above the intersection and one of the wires became energized with electricity that feeds streetcars. The wire touched a metal pole, and that transferred the electricity to the sidewalk, he says. The TTC says the pole does not belong to the commission and they are working to fix the problem. Ross says he's not concerned about the issue occurring elsewhere. Back in 2009, there were a number of dog electrocutions in the Keele and Annette Streets area. In Yorkville, two dogs were shocked by stray electricity after walking with wet paws over an electrified metal sidewalk plate. The incidents sparked a city-wide sweep for trouble spots, as dog owners expressed their outrage and concerns.


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