Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Toronto Humane Society Spay/Neuter Service

The Toronto Humane Society has entered the Pepsi Refresh Project and we hope to win $100,000 to contribute toward establishing a high volume, low cost, Spay Neuter Service. The application with the most votes will receive the grant for $100,000 - Please vote every day until April 30 at
2011 How Can I Help THS To WIN $100,000?
1.) Go to Simply set up a login ID, and start voting today - and every day. We need your votes to win.
2.) Share this with everyone you know via email, Facebook and Twitter. The more votes we can get, the closer we are to winning the $100,000!
Thank you for your support!
About the Spay/Neuter Service:
The Toronto Humane Society will renovate an area of the current building to establish a high volume, low cost Spay and Neuter Service for low and medium income communities in Toronto. The clinic will be operated under the Humane Alliance model, sterilizing up to 25 animals per day, 6 days per week. The clinic will operate on a not-for-profit basis and will become self-funding within 6-9 months post implementation. The clinic will also be used to expand our Trap Neuter Return program which offers free feral spay services to colony caretakers performing TNR. There is a critical need for this project as there are an estimated 100 000 feral/homeless cats in the GTA.

The community will benefit directly from this project as more and more animals are sterilized through a concerted and dedicated project. This will ensure that the THS is able to reduce the number of stray and homeless animals that roam the streets of our city. The clinic will also play a significant role in placing humane education foremost in our community. To maximize the benefits of this clinic, it will also be utilized during off hours (sundays and evenings) to sterilize feral cats through our volunteer driven TNR program. This program is a community wide effort which includes many local rescue groups working together to improve the welfare of Toronto's homeless cats. To learn more, visit our website or our facebook page:

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