Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sears Canada To Donate $60 000 To The OSPCA

Sears Canada has decided to donate a large sum of funds to the OSPCA, in addition to the Canadian Cancer Society, the Heart and Stroke Foundation, the Diabetes Assoc.“From coast to coast, Sears Canada associates enthusiastically support the Sears Employee Charitable Fund” said Chris Bower, Chair of the SECF Committee. While it is fantastic that Sears is reaching out to many noble charities, such a donation begs the question, "Has Mr. Bower really done his homework with regard to these charities?

If he had, he would have discovered that the OSPCA is still under an independent investigation and review with regard to the organization's decision to mass euthanize over 100 animals at its Newmarket shelter last year. As I have stated on many occasions, the OSPCA has a long history of helping pets in Ontario, but any good will toward the organization greatly waned after the ringworrm "outbreak".

I don't think there are many Ontarians who do not want to see the OSPCA serve once again as a resource which effectively assists needy animals in the province, though we are coming up to a year, and still no details of the investigation have been released to the public. Ontarians really do want the OSPCA to redeem itself so that it is the animals who are being protected and saved, though it is so difficult to offer such support when the OSPCA offers little in the way of comfort that actions have been taken to ensure the organization is under proper management, and that those responsible for the euthanasia decision have been held accountable.

Further, by offering such a donation, Sears Canada is perpetuating the notion that all is well at the OSPCA, while this is clearly not the case. Maybe Mr. Bower knows something that the public does not, and has himself seen the details of the outcome of the investigation. This is the only reasonable explanation for the Chair of the SECF committee to even begin to contemplate making a donation to an organization that remains under investigation. Mr. Bower, please wait for all the facts to be released before blindly offering your unwavering support to an organization currently mired in controversy. Who knows, in time when you have done further research into such a decision, you may still want to donate to the OSPCA (and here's hoping that such a time comes when we can all be assured that the donations are being placed in the right hands). Until then, the majority of us will be asking, "What are you thinking?"