Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sears Canada To Donate $60 000 To The OSPCA

Sears Canada has decided to donate a large sum of funds to the OSPCA, in addition to the Canadian Cancer Society, the Heart and Stroke Foundation, the Diabetes Assoc.“From coast to coast, Sears Canada associates enthusiastically support the Sears Employee Charitable Fund” said Chris Bower, Chair of the SECF Committee. While it is fantastic that Sears is reaching out to many noble charities, such a donation begs the question, "Has Mr. Bower really done his homework with regard to these charities?

If he had, he would have discovered that the OSPCA is still under an independent investigation and review with regard to the organization's decision to mass euthanize over 100 animals at its Newmarket shelter last year. As I have stated on many occasions, the OSPCA has a long history of helping pets in Ontario, but any good will toward the organization greatly waned after the ringworrm "outbreak".

I don't think there are many Ontarians who do not want to see the OSPCA serve once again as a resource which effectively assists needy animals in the province, though we are coming up to a year, and still no details of the investigation have been released to the public. Ontarians really do want the OSPCA to redeem itself so that it is the animals who are being protected and saved, though it is so difficult to offer such support when the OSPCA offers little in the way of comfort that actions have been taken to ensure the organization is under proper management, and that those responsible for the euthanasia decision have been held accountable.

Further, by offering such a donation, Sears Canada is perpetuating the notion that all is well at the OSPCA, while this is clearly not the case. Maybe Mr. Bower knows something that the public does not, and has himself seen the details of the outcome of the investigation. This is the only reasonable explanation for the Chair of the SECF committee to even begin to contemplate making a donation to an organization that remains under investigation. Mr. Bower, please wait for all the facts to be released before blindly offering your unwavering support to an organization currently mired in controversy. Who knows, in time when you have done further research into such a decision, you may still want to donate to the OSPCA (and here's hoping that such a time comes when we can all be assured that the donations are being placed in the right hands). Until then, the majority of us will be asking, "What are you thinking?"


  1. If not the entire $60,000 donated to the Toronto Humane Society, donate at least 1/2 of that to THS to help with the new low cost spay/neuter facilites they are working on. Now, THAT'S a worthwhile cause. With less pets needing to have a forever home found for them, especially cats, there will be less opportunity to direct criticism at either THS or the OSPCA. And, there will be less animals being killed @ the high kill 'shelters'.

  2. Interesting point...I'm kind of worried about the THS campaign. Toronto Animal Services did the same thing last year, but it turned out the clinic wasn't "free" after all, and there was a waiting list of up to 4 months in some cases. Here's hoping the THS operates more efficiently.
    You're so right.....spaying/neutering = less population = less overcrowding & euthanasia...seems like simple math to me!

  3. I hadn't heard about the TAS spay/neuter clinic, but the THS one is being promoted as a LOW-COST clinic, not a free clinic. That should help pet owners. My vet clinic, in the Don Mills & Steeles area, using lazer surgery quotes about $350 plus that darned HST to spay a dog under 19 lbs. We should support any initiative/fund raising opportunities to help bring this low-cost spay/neuter clinic into a reality. I believe they have information about it on their website.

  4. That really is good news...I'll post the info as well...thx :)

  5. This article isn't about THS, but the OSPCA.

    Not defending what happened with the ringworm breakou/euth issue, but to say an organization that's sole purpose is to protect the welfare of those that can't defend themselves doesn't deserve assistance us harsh. Very harsh.

    Maybe if they had some extra funds, the decision to euth all of those animals would have been different. Maybe they could have chosen to treat the animals. Denial of assistance will only lead to further issues, and many more animals dying.

    Shame on you for not considering this issue more in depth. A charity is a charity. Certainly the OSPCA is not rich, and the number of animals they have to help has not reduced. Any funds donated would be appreciated and greatly needed. This is what must be remembered at this time.

  6. Excuse me Anonymous there was no virulent strain of ringworm, there has been a $250,000 unnecessary renovation which cut capacity for animals more than half and in 2009 OSPCA revenues were more than $26,000,000. Check out Revenue Canada if you don't believe it.
    Shame on you for not considering the issue more in depth.

  7. Anonymous, do you have a shred of proof which supports your claim that the ringworm problem was made up and the OSPCA euthanized animals simply for renovations?

    It confuses me also to know that most of the people fighting the OSPCA in order to "support the animals" aren't even vegan. It's an ironic hypocrisy in the animal welfare movement unfortunately.

  8. Actually Happy Guy, I do have proof and if you want to read it you can look up an article written by the National Post last June verifying a document from the Head of Infectious Disease, York Region stating there was no virulent strain of ringworm any where on the premises. You would have to be on the inside to absolutely know about the renovations however no ringworm + renovations, doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. If there was no ringworm then why did they want to kill 350 animals. AS for being vegan how do you know who is and who isn't?

  9. Why do you have to be vegan to support animals?

  10. I'd like to see a copy of that document and if that is the case (that no ringworm was present), then I fully support the protesters. I was under the impression that the investigation is still ongoing and nothing has been concluded.

    What does being vegan have to do with supporting animals? Let me ask you this: If you believe that it's morally wrong to impose unnecessary suffering on animals for entertainment, pleasure or convenience, what excuse do you have to eat animals? "Taste" is not a valid reason and we have no biological need to consume animals to survive or be healthy. In fact, a plant-based diet has been shown to be better for our health and more evidence of this comes out almost daily.

    So if you TRULY care for animals, you can't be eating them and contributing to their suffering.