Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Product Spotlight - The NewTrix Dog Halter

While attempting to manage small children and walk a dog that pulled like a tractor, Toronto veterinarian, Dr. Curran, imagined a device that would dissuade the dog from pulling with calm, kind control. After input from dog owners and dog professionals, Dr. Curran came up with a design. His patented invention, the NewTrix Dog Halter, reverses the opposition reflex in dogs and stops pulling automatically: no pain, no fear, just science. Other head collars rely on pulling the dog’s head to the side or down; the NewTrix works by triggering a motor neuron response. It is science, which works like magic!

Dog owners, trainers, and shelter workers around the world use NewTrix Dog Halters to stop dogs pulling. Behaviourists, veterinarians and vet technicians recommend them for aggression and reactivity in dogs. In Canada, NewTrix Dog Halters are the official training collar of National Service Dogs, and Autism Dog Services.

Some dogs pull! The NewTrix teaches them a new trick – a nice, calm walk with a happy human.

NewTrix Dog Halters are available across Toronto at Global Pet Food Stores, Bark & FItz, and many other independent retailers and veterinary clinics.

Sandy Day

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  1. Considering it was a Toronto vet and the head office is in Toronto, you would think it would be easier to purchase one in Toronto! Very few stores carry them and those that do tend to be sold out!