Thursday, March 17, 2011

Off Leash Area Proposed At Earl Bales Park & 13 Other Locations

The City of Toronto is doing its best to accommodate the need for more public off leash areas throughout the city. Presently there are 49 designated off leash parks, with proposals for 14 more (you can stay up to date on these proposals on this page). For years I have lived in Lawrence Park, which just so happens to be the most dog-populated neighbourhood in the city (this statistic was taken from 2008, though I haven't found any later studies). Amazingly, there is currently only one off leash park within the area, which is more than often overcrowded with dogs. The construction of more parks is to begin in the spring. What do you think? Do we need more off-leash parks in the city?

Here is the link to the minutes of the most recent meeting for Earl Bales Park :