Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nude PETA Protesters Strolled Downtown Yesterday

PETA protesters showed off some skin in a bid to ensure more animals can keep their pelts. Wearing nothing but their underwear, three women disrobed at Exhibition Place Tuesday to promote PETA's campaign to stop the use of animals in the clothing industry. “It’s a fun upbeat way to get across a really serious issue,” said Emily Lavender, a campaigner for PETA. “Every fur rimmed jacket, leather shoe, snakeskin bag, and wool sweater involve such an extreme cruelty to animals that if it happened to a cat or dog, it would be illegal,” added Lavender, who was too shy to bear all herself.

The three near-nude protesters showed off in the cold for over an hour, hoping to get their message across. Gawkers snapped pictures on their cellphones. “Considering what animals have to go through, this is nothing,” said Kate Steen, one of the women who stripped down.

PETA put on the spectacle at Princes’ Gate to coincide with Toronto fashion week. Runway shows are being held at the Heritage Court at Exhibition Place. “We’ll greet people coming to fashion week to let them know about the skins industry and we hope they go cruelty free,” Lavender said. How effective the protest was remains to be seen. However, there’s little doubt, it turned a lot of heads. “You have to get attention somehow, and I don’t think this is distasteful,” said Alanna Raposo, buttoned up in a winter jacket. “It makes a point and that’s what you need to do sometimes to get attention.”

*The Toronto Sun has a video if you're so inclined. You know you are.

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