Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Latest Photo Contest Winners

1st - Goomba
2nd - Roxy

3rd - Zorro
Congratulations to all! Remember that the votes and judges choices don't always perfectly match (they rarely do), but it's still worth getting those votes in case your entry isn't necessarily in the top. I'll be in touch with regard to prize money, and remember that $10.00 will be donated to Helping Homeless Pets on behalf of each of the top 15! Details of the next contest coming later today, as well as the next chapter in Matthew's inspirational "tails". Cheers!


  1. No, that is not right at all. Roxy and Zorro got the most votes and Goomba wasn't even close. They deserve first and second place respectively. Do the right thing!

  2. I am very upset that I followed this contest just to see that the dog I voted for Roxy that received the most votes was ousted by the judges for a picture of another dog. I really can't see how the judges chose this dog over any of the pics in the contest.Very unfair to those of us that followed this contest and cheered for Roxy when we saw that Roxy had the most votes at the end of the contest.Not Fair and a bit suspicious I think

  3. Why do you ask readers to vote if you have no intention of selecting the photo with the highest number of votes. Is that not false advertisement and just a way for you to gain hits to your website? I don't know of any other contest that ask the people to choose and then ignores the people's choice! You won't have to worry about me ever or my friends ever reading your site again!

  4. Poor Roxy...she had the most votes!

  5. why does your site ask for user votes if you're just going to pick something that wasn't even in the lead anyway? had you already decided it was goomba before asking visitors to vote? so unfair!

  6. Why do you ask people to vote if you are not going to use the votes? Auugggh, another advertising scheme to get people to your space. Please, as the newspaper you have a responsibility to be trustworthy. This was not a voting thing. You should have just had the judges decide. What a waste of time.

  7. Hi all, I'd like to address this issue for those who have commented (you'll notice I published your comments as of course everyone deserves to have their opinion heard (so long as the language is appropriate!).

    First off, the rules of the contest state that the decision will be based on votes (25%) and judging (75%). This has been the case for all past photo contests, and this is the first time I have ever heard such backlash! I do this to try to keep it fair for those entrants who may not have a huge list of contacts, yet still have a picture that might be one of the tops (subjective). For the record I am not a judge as there are many instances where friends & acquaintances of mine enter the contests & it would seem suspect if any of them were to win or place in the finals partially based on my decision.

    There are three judges each contest, and the final votes are based on a point system (15 points for 1st choice, 14 for second, etc). Online votes are counted the same way (making a total score, with perfect being '60'). Indeed in this particular contest Roxy had the most votes, though when the judging is factored in, the pic got bumped from 1st place. In addition, while Goomba did not have as many votes as the top three, the judges were pretty unanimous in loving the picture (this has happened a couple of times before as well).

    In no way whatsoever was there any predetermination of winners. That being said, should I have been more vocal of the way in which the contest plays out? Based on comments, I should have (clearly outlining this method in the rules was not enough, though there has never been a problem in the past, so I honestly did not assume such a problem would occur this time around). This is of course something that will factor in the next time, and I do apologize if there were any misconceptions based on my lack of communication.

    Feel free to let me know your ideas. Perhaps just a decision based on judges is the way to go, as one individual stated above. I like the idea of votes counting for something however, as sometimes they help determine the top three when the judges can not agree. Should it be all or nothing with regard to votes or judges? Let me know.

    In the meantime, while we discuss I still congratulate the top three, all of the entrants, and am still very happy that on their behalf another $150.00 will be donated to Helping Homeless Pets, a great local rescue organization.

    Thanks for the input all.

  8. I Think that this is what should happen:
    There should be two categories

    1) based on votes from the polls

    2)based on votes from the judges

    2 sets of contests and 2 sets of prizes and the people can be given an option of which voting
    category they want their photo's to be voted in either the public which is based on the polls or the judges based on the overall composition ect.. of the photos.

    Yes that involves a lil more work, but also solves all the negative feedback and also satisfies all parties.

    Thats my input.

    matthew from waggz & whiskerz

  9. It seems to me that the judging format as it exists represents the best of all possible worlds. It's been my experience that the results of contests that are decided solely by popular vote tend to be based less on the entrants' merit than on the relative size of the entrants' social networks. Ballot box stuffing happens EVERYWHERE.

    [And as an aside, for those who would equate "the most popular" with "the best" when it comes to something subjective (art, music, etc.), I have only two words: JUSTIN BEIBER.]

    I suspect that a lot of the backlash here was caused by a general misunderstanding of the terms of the contest. The pertinent portion of the original call for entries read this way:

    - Between February 21 and February 28, 2010, individuals may vote on the site for their favourite of the top ten.
    - Winners will be determined by judges (75%) and blogger votes (25%)

    I think it would have made sense when the finalists were announced and when voting was thrown open to have a reminder of that 75-25 weighting posted.

    Congratulations to all the winners (and let's not lose sight of the fact that the biggest winners here are the pets that are being helped by the generous donation to Helping Homeless Pets).

  10. Thanks anonymous, and yes I agree that is where I made a mistake, in not REPOSTING the rules! Indeed, the fact that HHP benefits is the most important & has helped me from taking these criticisms to heart. :)

  11. I feel totally cheated. I looked over all the photos, and then voted for the one I liked the best. As it turns out, alot of other people agreed with me it seems as "Roxy" had the most votes. What a waste of time this was. So out of the 500 or so votes cast, that only counts for 25%. That means effectively, each judge cast 500 votes. What a ridiculous sham.

  12. It is a picture of a dog... get over it ya whiny babies.

  13. Hi,

    My name's Greg and I'm Roxy's owner. First off, I'd like to thank Toronto pet Daily for giving Roxy a chance and for donating funds on behalf of the contestants to Helping Homeless Pets, and I sincerely thank the people who voted for Roxy.
    Now, I need to step in and say this has been a huge misunderstanding between myself, Toronto Pet Daily, and the voters. Having said that, TPD has resolved to make the rules more "fair" to the voters, and I'm fine with that. It's time to let bygones be bygones and move forward.

  14. Thanks a bunch Greg, & I hope Roxy accepts my apology as well! I just put up the first group of entries for the "Action!" photo contest, and yes it will be SOLELY based on votes! Thanks for your comment, it really does mean a lot as I try to use my blog to inform, educate, and let readers have some fun. Cheers :)


  15. wow that was an amusing read. Congrats to the Homeless Pets! :)