Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another "Inspirational Tail" From Matthew

The Power of Therapy Dogs & A Cry For Help.
By Matthew Johnson of Waggz & Whiskerz

As everyone knows my struggles health wise have prompted me to catalog my improvements and the journey that Woofie, Benji (Service & Therapy dogs) and myself have opted to take.

I come across others with the same bond almost on a daily basis. Some people rejoice in the bond between man and dog while others… and you may be one, who dislikes the anthropomorphizing of dogs: the humanizing of their personalities, their feelings, and their emotions. But can you seriously refuse to grant a dog the complexities of emotional feelings?

I can't accept that. I can't believe that dogs don't have emotions, and the only words I have to describe those emotions are ones I'd use to describe a fellow human (well a good human at least). Those words are "Thoughtful" and "Joyous" maybe “Contented" and "purposeful". Dogs provide us with all the essential feelings
and emotions to want to forger forward when facing adversity.

This Months article is just about all that and more and is a very powerful one.

I recently was introduced to Jaymie – Sherer- Mitchell and her beloved Puppy “Bear” from the moment I heard her story I went into action mode, you will soon find out why:

Jaymie lives in Ajax Ontario and is the proud owner of a Puppy Named Bear. Unfortunately Bear is very ill and is need of dire medical condition. Jaymie’s story and emotional bond with “Bear” begins here:

“Bear” had just gone through his second and very serious long stay at the Vet - he came home and seemed a little better everyday. Since being home from the vet Jaymie took it upon herself to be his full time nurse (being a devoted) brought out the best in her ability to nurse “Bear”. This is when all the emotions started sinking
in according to Jaymie.

“That’s when it hit me” Explains Jaymie. “I was feeling sick for weeks but because of “Bears” condition I had been neglected herself”.

Jaymie’s daughter and Mother said they would do what needed doing for her young boys (4 and 6) and sent Jaymie to the third floor bedroom to try and recover. “Bear” recovering himself decided to trot along with her her. Life was a mixture of sleeping and medicating – coughing and being in immense pain along with the emotional thoughts that Jaymie felt as if she was dying ~ and the constant presence of “Bear”.

“Bear” would be begging to be picked up (because he was still too weak to jump up on his own) and put on the bed with Jaymie, his constant wet nose on her cheek and body next to hers, made her feel comfort and ease. "Watching me and seeming to know when I felt my worst...his grunts and sighs seemed to mirror my own”. Says Jaymie.

Jaymie’s illness went on for a week and a half; during this painful time” Bear” didn't act like himself. He didn't pounce or chew his toys - nor did he attempt to lie on top of Jaymie or seek constant attention as many puppies do. “Being in your face is his thing"- Explains Jaymie, “He likes to sprawl out full length atop me when I'm lying down but now that I was ill he was just being very...calm”. “Bear” being the rambunctious puppy- no longer whined or bark for attention, he no longer fussed about being taken out for his daily walks. “Bear” was now the “strong one” even refraining from doing his business so that he could be close to Jaymie.

“Bears” instincts kicked in and his bond with Jaymie begane to get even stronger. Jaymie says “If the door got closed to my room, he would bark until someone came to let him in, he had no desire to play with the kids or eat cookies, he moped and sighed and waited for me to be well again”.

For that little space in time – “Bears” life stopped being about him and revolved entirely around Jaymie – “I had this feeling, as the infection began to break, of how incredibly strong our bond had become and things had really come full circle”.

Jaymie had been so fixated on “Bear’s” medical problems for months that she had become so worried about losing him and realized that although he was still healing for his most recent set-back; the moment Jaymie took ill – “Bear” perked up long enough to care of her. Unfortunately “Bear’s” condition has worsened since Jaymie has recovered.

He had a set back - diarrhea that wouldn't stop and vomiting and one evening this past month “Bear” collapsed – he has been at the vet clinic ever since. His stay at the vet has been financially staggering, and” Bears” health has been declining.

After hearing this story from Jaymie I and Waggz & Whiskerz have decided that our new mission would be to raise funs to save “Bears” life. As we have done in the past, for every “Like” we get on our fanpage on facebook $1.00 will be donated for “Bears” medical expenses. Our goal is to raise $1000.00 and help save this very special pups life Below is a link to the member page about “Bear” as well as our fan page.

Stay tuned April 15th for another article on the human dog bond and the Power of Therapy dogs.

**Jaime's original letter calling for help can be found on Bear's Facebook page..