Sunday, February 27, 2011

Seeing As It's Oscar Night, Why Don't We Celebrate Our Favourite Doggy Actors? Here Are My Choices...Add Yours In The Comments!

#1 - Beasley As "Hooch". Beasley used every trick in his arsenal and stole the movie straight out from under his future two-time Oscar winning costar. That takes chops.
#2 - Daddy as "Cujo". Not the first to play an afflicted pooch (see below), but Daddy gets extra points for scaring the you-know-what out of us more than any movie canine in history. Plus, he did all his own stunts and makeup!
#3 - Spike as "Old Yeller". Sure, Spike was the first canine to play a dog ravaged by rabies and broke down barriers, but I just feel there were moments when he seemed to be trying too hard to be mean. And he played the sympathy card way too much.
#4 - Ch. Quiet Creek's Stand By Me as "Hubert". Every comedian needs a straight counterpart. Honestly, would Christopher Guest have seemed nearly as funny without his four legged costar?
#5 - Terry as "Toto". The dog that started it all, she not only earns this position for her acting skills (YOU try staying committed to the role on that set...there were FLYING MONKEYS for goodness sake!), but for paving the way for ALL animal actors to come, from Flipper to That Darn Cat.