Friday, February 18, 2011

Meet Brad Pattison At The "All About Pets Show"

Brad Pattison will be live at the “All About Pets Show” this coming April 22nd, 23rd, and 24th. With 2 speaking engagements daily, you will have a chance to meet Brad and gain a new understanding of dog behavior, body language and insight into your pooch and it's needs.
Special Contest:  At each speaking presentation, Brad will be working with 3 selected dogs.  To enter your pooch just send an e-mail to Showtrends at and title the entry “Brad contest”. Be sure to include your name, phone number, a photo of you and your dog (no head shots), age, breed of dog and a brief description of the issues you are having with your dog. Brad Pattison will select the winners and their dogs. Showtrends will notify the winners of the day and showing time in which to bring their dogs, by April 18th, 2011.  Don't miss this opportunity!
About Brad
About 20 years ago, Brad's dog at the time was stolen from his backyard while he was at work. Devastated, Brad wanted to find a way to give dogs a safer environment and to diminish the chance of owners having to go through the same thing as he. Thus, he created the first Doggy Day Care, which was in Vancouver, which allowed owners peace of mind while they were at work. At that time, he had a Border Collie/Blue Heeler cross, named Dez. She would come to work with him and help out with the other dogs. Brad became fascinated with the interactions with the dogs and watching the different personalities come out. He began studying their movements and how Dez would discipline unruly dogs. He watched how the elderly dogs were respected, as were the Alpha dogs, with Dez being THE  Alpha. He observed that when a dog was disciplined, it would only take one time for that discipline and then the dog would not repeat that same action. It was quick and effective.

Brad started to question some of the dog training techniques out there and started to develop similar techniques as the Alpha dogs. He noticed how the Alpha dogs did not give treats to the younger students and wondered why we humans give treats when a dog does something that is simply expected. Brad continued his studies and observations through dogs, wolves and coyotes and noticed similar attributes... they communicate primarily through body language and they have expectations of their pups. With that, he started to implement strong body movement along with little verbal communication to the dogs.

With the success and clear turn around with many of the behavior problems that clients were expressing, Brad started up his Street Safety Training classes. All of his classes were held outdoors. Why train indoors when dogs usually get killed outside? Lets put the owners and the dogs in real life situations and give them tools to cope with these situations and lets create a real bond with our little buddies. That was Brad's way of thinking. During this time, he had a dream to create a television show and express these findings and work with families who were under distress but need not be. 12 years later, "At The End of My Leash" was picked up and is currently airing in 35+ countries and has filmed 6 seasons, 78 episodes.

Other works that Brad has been involved in include:

-Heading up a team of Certified Educator Trainers to head down to New Orleans for canine rescue help in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
-Creator of 6Legs to Fitness™, Brad took a team of Fitness and Martial Arts Instructors to South Africa to certify instructors. This course is designed to get owner and dog active outside. Animal Planet came to Calgary to film one of Brad's classes and aired as one of their clips of what's new and happening.
-In 2008, at the Alberta Motion Picture Industry Awards, “At The End of My Leash” won 4 out of 5 nominations including Best Series and Best Host.
-The show was also nominated at the 2008 Gemini Awards

Now based in Kelowna, Brad has opened a school to train people to become Certified Educator Trainers. In 2008, 20 students from Vancouver to Toronto were certified, and by the end of 2009, another 30 students will be serving cities throughout Canada.


  1. He'd be the last person i give one of my dogs to for training. Obviously you've never watched his show - he's rude, arrogant and his methods are harsh

  2. But the All About Pet Show says they are
    "A true pet lover's paradise
    dedicated to promoting responsible ownership of pets"
    In a true pet lover's paradise people like Brad Pattison would not exist. And anyone dedicated to promoting responsible ownership of pets would not welcome him to their show.