Thursday, February 17, 2011

Man Claims Animal Services Refused To Assist Him With Starving Cat

A 74-year-old man is furious with Toronto Animal Services, claiming it refused to help him aid a starving cat. Imre Kiss, a Markham resident, said he walked into the Toronto Animal Services building at 821 Progress Ave. in Scarborough and asked to borrow a trap to help catch a starving cat he had been feeding.  “I asked them for a trap, they wouldn’t give it to me so I asked them what I should do and they said don’t feed it.  “I told them it would starve and they said don’t feed it,” he said.  Kiss claims the man he spoke to advised him not to catch the cat because strays don’t make good pets.  “That’s rubbish because we took in two (stray) cats and they are so good and so faithful and they are excellent pets,” Kiss said. “I can’t stand animal cruelty, these people are in charge of helping animals and they say don’t feed it.”

Sue Shearstone, supervisor of the Toronto Animal Services branch Kiss visited, said the employee should not have advised Kiss to stop feeding the cat, or have said stray cats  cannot be accepted as pets.  “I will follow up with my staff when they come back but we do not advise that someone should stop feeding an animal if that is its only means of survival,” Shearstone said.