Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Great Post About Adoption By Guest Blogger Sandro From Leash Out Pet Photography

Adopting a Rescue, My Experience

I would like to share with you today my experience of adopting a dog from a rescue.  I have witnessed many times people refusing to adopt from a rescue because people feel the dog will come with behavioural issues.  My experience has been one of the most rewarding times in my life.  Valentine's Day 2010 I visited an adoption event and fell in love with a 3/4 Boxer and 1/4 Vizsla.  The moment our eyes connected, I melted.  After hearing her story that she was rescued from a puppy mill in Quebec, I was more determined then ever to give her the life she deserves.  It's been a year since I have adopted Zaira and I can say with confidence she is the most obedient, loyal and well balanced dog I have ever had.  She is healthy, very well socialized with other dogs and she knows how to follow her pack leader, ME :)!  The bonus of this good news story is, my neighbour also adopted her brother Journey that same day, and a couple days later my neighbour's Mother adopted the last sibling Rohan.  It has been a heart warming experience to see all three of them grow up.  Zaira sees Journey all the time since they live two doors down from each other and last weekend they all had a get together at the a dog park.

My experience with a rescue dog doesn't stop here.  During my photography sessions with dogs, many of them were rescued and can instantly see who is the pack leader of the family.  Whether the dog's family member has taken that role or not, I can still vouch I have witnessed many rescued dogs being cooperative and  loving dog models during their photo shoots.

It is my opinion that we need more dogs in this world because they are all so wonderful, but in reality we have too many dog owners who do not know what they are getting into when adopting a dog, so many of them can't handle the responsibility and the dogs end up in shelters.  For this reason alone we need less dogs and more of them in great homes.  If you have read the book Cesar's Way (which I highly recommend) on page 234-236 Choosing a Dog, Cesar list 10 things you should ask yourself before adopting a dog.  If you can answer "yes" to all the questions then it's time for you to begin your experience of adopting a furry companion.  Cesar mentions many times through out his book that dog's live in the moment, therefore you shouldn't ponder on your dog's past before they were rescued.  As long as you give your dog exercise, discipline and affection in that order and you show them calm assertive leadership, you will have a loyal well balanced dog who looks up to you as their leader. 

Now for the more entertaining part, seeing the love of three siblings who were rescued, Rohan, Journey and Zaira, enjoying their time at the dog park.  Check out the pictures of there most recent play date!

Enjoy and thanks for sharing this experience with me.  Please consider adoption from a shelter, it may be one of the most rewarding experiences you ever have.

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