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Etobicoke Humane Society Kicks Off "Year Of The Cat"

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2011: YEAR of the CAT

…..Official Launch for Etobicoke Humane Society…..

(February 14, 2011 - Etobicoke) - Volunteers of the Etobicoke Humane Society (EHS) welcome February as the official kick-off for their year-long participation in 2011: Year of the Cat…..a Canada-wide education and adoption initiative designed to increase the value of homeless, feral and “owned” cats and to place an emphasis on cat overpopulation.

According to EHS President, William Blain, “In 2008, the Business of Urban Animals Survey (BUAS) presented statistics that proved what we already know……that society generally places more value on dogs than on cats. This survey showed that dogs receive better care in almost every category.”

Said Pia Lauretti, EHS Shelter Manager: ”This is very sad news for cats. On average, cats in shelters out-number dogs 4- to-1; that is, for every one dog in shelters, there are four cats. In many cases, this ratio is much higher. We have a lot of educating to do.”

FOCUS: During the 2011 Year of the Cat campaign, EHS volunteers will be focusing on adoption promotion and educational messages that include:

1) the importance of spaying and neutering in reducing pet over-population and improving feline health ;
2) the myths and facts about animal hoarding, with a special emphasis on felines, as cats represent the largest percentage of animal hoarding cases;
3) Increasing awareness of the importance of pet identification and
4) stressing the Importance of veterinary care for the health of the cat and the public.

SPECIAL HIGHLIGHTS: To expand adoptions and fostering, and to convey the important messages of Year of the Cat, the Eotbicoke Humane Society plans the following date-specific activities:

1) February 2011: Kick-Off: Special press releases in recognition of Year of the Cat official launch, including educational articles about hoarding, spaying and neutering, adoption, fostering, etc.;
2) May 2011: Cat Awareness Month. Adoption and fostering focus, including added emphasis on key issues such as spaying and neutering, hoarding, importance of keeping cats indoors, identification and general information about cats;
3) Sept 23 - Oct 2, 2011: ID Week. Special focus on educating the public about the importance of pet identification in reducing feline homelessness;
4) October 1 through December 31. “No Pets as Gifts” An educational campaign designed to prevent the impulsive giving of felines and together animals as gifts; alternative pet-related gift giving ideas; special holiday- related feline health and safety issues, and adoption gift certificates to be used after the holidays.

GENERAL PROMOTION: The Etobicoke Humane Society has the following additional plans:

1) To include special-focus literature on related topics at all public activities;
2) To distribute monthly press-releases n various related topics,
3) To add special feline-focus information to all of their youth and adult humane education workshops and
4) To host one or more special Adopt-A-Thons.


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