Monday, February 21, 2011

A Big Thanks To All Entrants For The Contests On The Site!

Happy Family Day to all! I'd like to send a huge thanks to everyone who has entered the latest two contests. The finalists for the "My Best Friend" photo contest are right below, and you can vote for your favourite at the bottom right of the blog. While you're at it, check out the entries for the "Worst Pet Name" contest as well....I can't believe some of them! As usual, once the voting starts, there are thousands who come to the site to check out their friends' entries & support them, and I encourage you to scroll through the site to read up on the latest news, events, & opinions. Don't forget you can find Toronto pet services at the top right of the blog, and as always, if ever you have something to share (photos, opinions, rescue stories, etc) send a message to [email protected]

PS...that is not my family, it's just one of the thirty hilarious photos I found on this site, perfect for today. Good luck everyone!

***UPDATE....the poll was not working at the beginning for about five minutes....not to worry, only five votes had been counted (I'll add them), & everything's a go now. Thanks everybody!

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