Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Very Special Event To Celebrate the 5000 Pets Rescued By Helping Homeless Pets' Members

We wish to invite everyone to join us for a very special occasion on Feb. 11, 2011 at Parc DownsView Park 6:00pm to  commemorate 5,000 Pets Saved by our member rescues.  While it is truly sad there were 5,000 pets that needed to be saved, we all know the number was much higher and there were those that could not be saved. So we are not so much celebrating this, we are commemorating  and honouring the volunteers that saved 5,000 lives.

Planned for this occasion will be a silent auction fundraiser to raise funds desperately needed by our rescues to continue to rescue more pets that are in need every day.  We will have food available and it will be served buffet style. 

Pets are also invited to this event and we will have a Largest Stay demo, to practise for the Canadian Record attempt on Sat. Feb. 12 at 1:00 pm.

If you plan to attend, please take a moment and complete our survey so that we can determine the number of people that plan to attend.

Survey link:

There is no cost for admission to this event for PetFunFest Volunteers, PetFunFest Exhibitors and the media. We will charge regular PetFunFest admission of $7.00 per adult, $3.00 per dog or $20.00 per family of 6.  A special pass will be issued allowing you to come back to PetFunFest on either Sat. Feb. 12/11 or Sun. Feb.13/11 and be admitted FREE.

We hope you can join us in thanking our member rescues for the very important and compassionate volunteer time they commit to helping homeless pets and preventing future homeless pets.