Wednesday, January 5, 2011

SPCA Issues Winter Tips For Pet Owners

BARRIE - The Barrie branch of the Ontario SPCA reminds pet owners that winter can chill the even furriest of pets. Even outdoor dogs must be provided adequate shelter – a dry, draft-free doghouse that should be elevated and insulated and featuring a door flap ¬– and a constant supply of fresh water. The society also suggests checking a pet’s water and food frequently, to ensure it’s not frozen. And while a metal bowl may be fine for warmer weather, the SPCA suggests ceramic or plastic bowls, to prevent an animal’s tongue from sticking to the cold metal surface. After having walked your pet, be sure to wipe away salt, sand and other agents used to melt snow. The SPCA also reminds pet owners that leaving your cat or dog alone in the car is just as dangerous in the cold days of winter as in the heat of summer.