Monday, January 3, 2011

New Documentary Airing Thursday On Cat Overpopulation


For Canada's animal shelters, this is definitely not the 'most wonderful time of the year'. They know Santa will stuff a cute and cuddly kitten into thousands of Christmas stockings. But by New Year's Day, that little ball of fur might be dropped off at the shelter; or worse, dumped on the side of a rural road, left to fend for itself.  

Why are millions of cats living quite literally in the lap of luxury, while millions more are abandoned to lead short, miserable lives? And what is the impact of all these cats on the environment (especially birds)?

CAT CRAZED blends serious journalism and humour, along with animation by the man behind The Cat Came Back (Cordell Barker) to explore how our complicated relationship with felines is at the very root of the cat overpopulation crisis - and the raging cat-bird war that's being battled across North America.